MIWE Production

The sole function of a manufacturing line is to generate products exactly in accordance with your specifications in terms of quality and quantity - to be completely reliable and as cost-effectively operable as possible. For almost 100 years, the MIWE brand has proudly stood by its tradition of consistently concentrating on providing benefits to its customers.

Production ovens

MIWE's production oven technology allows you to master semi-automatic and fully-automatic baking of a wide range of products with flying colours. For this purpose, we plan your system according to the required product variety and batch size.

Bakery refrigeration technology

The oven ensures the right finish, perfect oven freshness comes from bakery refrigeration Based on your exact requirements, we develop the concept for your refrigerating unit. Once again, the result is: MIWE means custom-tailored.

Loading & transport

Semi and fully automatic loading aids are now an indispensable part of every bakehouse. They ensure that material flows optimally and prevent you working your fingers to the bone.Loading and removal efficiency can be increased further: with our add-on devices which transport the dough pieces and baked products short and long distances.

Energy efficiency systems

With the MIWE energy concept, we evaluate and analyse the complex aspects of your bakehouse down to the tiniest detail. And, together with you, we gradually develop a customised solution for a significant reduction in energy costs in your bakehouse - while maintaining product quality and process workflows.

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