MIWE atmospheric baking

Autopilot for consistently better product quality

The weather had a big impact on product quality in the past. Depending on the wind and weather, baking results were very varied – sometimes good, sometimes not so good. Trying to counteract this was a constant challenge.

Today, this is no longer an issue. With atmospheric baking from MIWE, you can finally be free of this problem once and for all. No matter the weather, come rain or shine: you will always get the same consistent baking results every day. And at a better quality than before.

Our film on atmospheric baking will explain how it all works.

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The advantages of MIWE atmospheric baking

  • Consistent baking results
    Regardless of the air pressure or season: the baking results always remain the same with atmospheric baking.
  • Improved quality of baked goods
    A lot of baked goods benefit specifically from regulated pressure. They develop significantly better volume, as well as a fine crumbly crust and a gentle crispiness with significantly less moisture loss on the surface.
  • Lower energy costs
    Because cold fresh air intake is reduced to an absolute minimum, significantly less energy must be used to achieve the same result. Recovery systems like the MIWE eco:nova also achieve noticeably increased efficiency levels thanks to the use of the atmospheric baking oven.
  • Self-regulated, autonomous system
    The system works autonomously. Without any manual corrections or rebaking, you always get precisely reproducible product quality. You have your hands free and can devote your attention to other tasks.

MIWE atmospheric baking in the impulse

In the MIWE impulse, you can find more information on this topic.

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