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MIWE Sustainability

We are making the world greener

Have you ever calculated the amount of CO2 and electricity you currently consume or could possibly already be saving? This question is fairly easy to answer in both the private and corporate spheres.

At MIWE, we have been dealing with different types of sustainability for more than 13 years. Since 2008, we have been optimising all of our products with a focus on energy efficiency. And it has been a huge success! In this process, we have not only considered our responsibility towards the environment and society, but also towards our customers. We happily advise you on the best approaches to optimising energy in your bakehouse, helping you save the greatest amount of energy with the least effort possible – all while maintaining the high quality baked goods you have come to expect.

Impressive energy savings

It is important for us to always keep our sustainability goals at the forefront and to develop them further. To obtain meaningful data, we have added up the energy savings of all of our products sold since 2008 and compared it to their predecessors. On top of that, we added the values of all of the energy recovery systems we have installed at our customers. We also factored in our own savings that we have achieved at our MIWE locations. All of these values together have been calculated in our CO2 meter or electricity meter.

See for yourself. We are not the only ones who are impressed by the figures.

CO2 savings
We are making the world greener
Total CO2 savings in tons since March 2008
Total energy savings
We are making the world greener
Total energy savings in megawatt hours since March 2008

Our philosophy

At MIWE, we have made it our mission to use energy efficiently, thereby contributing to the promotion of sustainability and energy conservation. The installation of 1800 m2 of photovoltaics with an output of 128 kWp is just one of many small steps we have taken towards reducing our own CO2 footprint.

In addition, we have also installed an energy monitoring system at our two sites in Arnstein and Meiningen to help us locate 'power guzzlers'. This represents an additional step towards meeting our own targets and saving energy over the long term. The achievements of our MIWE energy management team have already been rewarded with the DIN ISO 50001 certification since 2014. Year after year, this has strengthened our resolve at MIWE to act responsibly and turn our voluntary commitment into reality.

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