MIWE cleaning control

Shines in every way

This is what cleanliness at the push of a button looks like. The MIWE cleaning control is the fully automatic cleaning function for MIWE baking stations.

It offers thorough cleanliness, optimal operating convenience and perfect safety because it manages with just a single, biodegradable cleaning agent, which is easily filled into a storage tank from the front with no contact required.

Two cleaning stages
Two cleaning stages are available for different levels of soiling (this helps to save not only cleaning agent but also water and electricity). A cleaning cycle takes about 55 to 98 minutes, depending on the level of intensity.

Save energy
In conjunction with the MIWE auto-start technology, you can also clean your baking station overnight outside of business hours and take advantage of the residual heat from the cleaning process for heating up the oven during the first baking process.

The advantages of MIWE cleaning control

  • Automatic cleaning system – does not tie up personnel, runs automatically
  • Powerful with two cleaning stages depending on the level of soiling
  • Safe thanks to biodegradable cleaning agent MIWE cleaner and contactless tank filling
  • Energy savings when combined with
  • Automatic refill indicator (one cleaning agent filling lasts approx. 20 – 30 cycles)
  • Unbeatable cleaning costs allows daily cleaning
  • Cleaning operations that have been carried out are documented in the control system

MIWE cleaning control in the impulse

In the MIWE impulse, you can find more information on this topic.

All products with MIWE cleaning control technology

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