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CO2refrigeration: innovative solutions from MIWE

Environmentally friendly and efficient refrigeration technologies since 2014

Discover the CO2 refrigeration technologies from MIWE, which have been providing efficient and environmentally friendly cooling solutions for almost a decade. Learn more about our competences, successes and future visions in this field.

Many years of expertise in carbon dioxide refrigeration
MIWE has been a pioneer in the field of CO2 refrigeration for almost 10 years. During this time, we have continuously developed and successfully implemented a large number of projects. Our portfolio includes customised CO2 refrigeration systems for individual customer needs and we will also provide (compact) standard solutions in the future. Through constant research and development, we are striving to continuously improve CO2 refrigeration technology and to set new standards.

Advantages of CO2 refrigeration technology: efficiency and environmental compatibility
The CO2 refrigeration technology from MIWE offers a number of advantages over conventional refrigeration systems (which typically use F-gases). The use of CO2 as a refrigerant means that our systems are environmentally friendly, as they cause a significantly lower greenhouse effect compared to other refrigerants, and they also comply with the latest EU regulations. In addition, our CO2 refrigeration systems are characterised by high energy efficiency and operational reliability, which reduces operating costs and ensures a long service life for the systems.

Adapting to the F-Gas Regulation: future-proof and compliant with our CO2 refrigeration solutions

The F-Gas Regulation has undergone significant changes over recent years, all with the aim of reducing the use of fluorinated greenhouse gases, thereby helping to combat climate change. This regulation has an impact on companies that operate or plan refrigeration systems, as it restricts the use of refrigerants with a high global warming potential (F-gases), gradually replacing them with more environmentally friendly alternatives.

In response to this, MIWE CO2 offers refrigeration solutions that not only meet the current requirements of the F-Gas Regulation, but also take future changes into account. Our CO2 refrigeration systems are a long-term, safe and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional refrigeration systems. By helping our customers switch to CO2 refrigeration technologies, we are helping them meet regulatory requirements as well as their own sustainability goals.

The benefits of MIWE CO2refrigeration technology

  • Environmentally friendly: the CO2refrigeration technology from MIWE uses carbon dioxide (CO2) as a natural refrigerant that causes a significantly lower greenhouse effect than conventional F-gases. That means it contributes to climate protection and complies with current EU regulations.

  • High energy efficiency: MIWE CO2refrigeration systems are characterised by increased energy efficiency, which helps to reduce energy consumption as well as operating costs for companies.

  • Operational reliability and a long service life: the CO2refrigeration technology from MIWE ensures high operational reliability and a long service life for the systems. As a result, customers benefit from a high level of investment security and long-term stable operation of their refrigeration systems.

  • Conformity with the F-Gas Regulation: MIWE CO2refrigeration solutions comply with the current requirements of the F-Gas Regulation and are future-proof, as they also take into account all of the currently known changes in the legislation. That means companies can ensure their compliance with the legal requirements and avoid any possible penalties.

  • Support with the changeover: MIWE actively supports customers in converting to CO2refrigeration technologies and helps them meet the regulatory requirements as well as their sustainability goals.

MIWE bakery refrigeration with CO2 refrigeration technology: your solution for working with a view to the future

What our customers say

"MIWE was the only provider to offer an integrated system with CO2 as the refrigerant"
Bakery Weller
Dreieich, Germany

MIWE CO2refrigeration technology in the impulse

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