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MIWE hydrogen technology

Ready to bake in the future - with hydrogen

Our future-proof ovens help you to reduce energy costs and improve your environmental footprint - they already support up to 30% hydrogen admixture.

Future-proof - in a dynamic energy future
Sustainable energy solutions have been driving MIWE for a long time, which is why our ovens already offer a robust platform for the future. Of course, this also includes the fact that the gas for the burners includes up to 30% hydrogen, and this has been the case for some years now.

The importance of hydrogen
Hydrogen as a fuel not only reduces emissions, but also helps to minimise dependence on fossil fuels. Many users may not even be aware of the fact that it has already been used in bakeries for several years: hydrogen is added to natural gas in small quantities, with the proportion of hydrogen set to continuously increase. MIWE ovens are, of course, ideally equipped for this positive development.

What is the current situation at MIWE?
MIWE is a leader in the development of bakery systems that are designed to meet both current needs and future challenges. Our current gas-fuelled ovens are already designed for mixed operation with natural gas and up to 30% hydrogen.

Can an oven be operated using pure hydrogen (100%)?
Although pure hydrogen offers many advantages, there are still some challenges to overcome before ovens can be operated using 100% hydrogen. Burner manufacturers are currently being asked to bring burner models onto the market that cover the performance class for ovens. Similarly, a changeover is only worthwhile when 100% hydrogen is available at the bakery, meaning when sufficient infrastructure and suppliers are in place.

Why MIWE is the right choice
MIWE combines many years of experience in the bakery industry with a firm commitment to innovation and sustainability. Our already hydrogen-ready ovens are proof of our endeavours to not only meet the needs of our customers, but also to actively contribute to protecting our natural environment. And when it comes to future developments, MIWE customers can be sure that they will be among the first to be offered hydrogen technology once it is ready for the market.

The advantages of MIWE hydrogen technology

  • Reduces energy costs through the use of hydrogen.
  • Improves the environmental balance through lower emissions.
  • Future-proof thanks to up to 30% hydrogen admixture.
  • Minimises the dependency on fossil fuels.
  • Tried-and-tested in the bakery for years.
  • A leader in the development of sustainable bakery systems.
  • Combines many years of experience with innovative technology.
  • Enables hybrid operation using natural gas and hydrogen.
  • Committed to continuously increasing the proportion of hydrogen.
  • Ready for upcoming hydrogen technologies.

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