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The oven control that just lets you get going

The new MIWE go! user interface for the MIWE TC touch control system, with its slim design, provides precisely the information and possibilities required by the respective user at the right time. And it is incredibly easy to operate.

Many different people work at a baking station today: from specialist baking experts right down to untrained temporary staff. The interface between humans and the machine constitutes the baking oven control system in all cases. The easier it makes things for the respective user to achieve their target, the more reliably and faster the task can be completed. With this in mind and on the basis of comprehensive usability tests, the MIWE go! user interface has been developed for the MIWE TC touch control system.

Easy and Professional Mode
MIWE go! consistently meets the various requirements and expectations of each user group. Easy mode is aimed specifically at users in everyday work, who mainly want to start the right baking program (or the next cleaning cycle) quickly. Conversely, the extended professional mode for authorised users appeals to experienced bakers seeking to set and monitor as many baking parameters as possible. Furthermore, service and administrator modes are also available. This means everyone gets what they need – easily and with precisely the information and configuration options they need.

MIWE technologies at your fingertips
The baking oven control system overcomes language barriers with ease: it masters a wide range of foreign languages and their signs, e.g. Cyrillic. The MIWE technologies MIWE flexbake, MIWE frozen dough piece baking, the eco-mode and (as an option) the cleaning programs MIWE easy clean or MIWE cleaning control can also be controlled with ease and at the touch of a button thanks to MIWE go!.

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The advantages of MIWE go!

  • The highest level of operational reliability
    Thanks to special interfaces for certain user roles and a sophisticated authorisation administration, every user gets precisely what they need. No more. And no less.
  • Can be operated as intuitively as a smartphone
    With their clear screens, the control system guides the user directly and smartly through the various operating steps. An assistance function can be consulted at any time.
  • No more long searches
    The fastest way to the baking program is what counts. With MIWE go!, you no longer have to laboriously search for the various baking programs in a list with a fixed, prescribed sequence, but are free to select the sorting: alphabetically or numerically, or the last or most searched programs first.
  • All information at your fingertips at all times
    Extensive information pertaining to each baking program can be saved, allowing you to quickly clarify questions relating to cooking time, configuration, number of trays, work steps, ingredients and change date of the baking program.
  • Excellent long-distance visibility
    Even from afar, you can quickly see what is currently being done in the baking station. The 7-inch display not only presents all key information (for instance the remaining baking time) in an easily readable format, it also shows images of your bakery products or your individual advertising messages in the right light.
  • Allowing you to keep an eye on what is important
    Design may not be the number one priority for manufacturers of baking oven technology, but the two awards won by the MIWE go! for design proves that clear symbols, animated icons, a clear screen and good long-distance effect are more than just an attractive accessory. A mere glance at the control system is sufficient to see what must be done next.
  • Connectivity included
    Know precisely what is happening where and why in your machine. Use this information to optimise processes, fully exploit potential and secure competitive advantages. MIWE connectivity allows you to do all that. Interconnected baking stations can also be integrated into the software package.
  • Full freedom of movement
    With the MIWE apps, you are always in the know even if the baking station is not in sight. The MIWE messenger* signals selected status information directly on your smartphone and MIWE zoom* allows you to control your baking station remotely just as if you were standing right in front of it.
  • The hardware: MIWE TC
    The brilliant, easy to clean 7" touch display is fitted flush for hygiene purposes and protected against moisture from all sides.


MIWE go! immediately receives two renowned design awards.

Shortly after the MIWE go! won with the Red Dot Award 2017, a second award immediately followed. Thanks to its intuitive and smart operating concept, the MIWE go! also impressed the jury of the 2018 German Design Award and received the award for outstanding design quality in the Human Machine Interface category.

MIWE go! in the impulse

In the MIWE impulse, you can find more information on this topic.

Training videos for the MIWE go!

See for yourself how easily you can control your MIWE baking station with the new user interface.

If you click on the video, a request with your IP address will be sent to Youtube or Google. Privacy information

If you click on the video, a request with your IP address will be sent to Youtube or Google. Privacy information

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