MIWE Gastronomic functions

Ideal for gastronomically ambitious bakers: permanent steam technology

Baked products often need a powerful pulse of steam right at the beginning of the baking process. Unlike many foods and snacks, they benefit from a regulated continuous release of steam.

This is the core of the MIWE gastronomic function, with which various convection ovens (including the MIWE aero e+, MIWE econo and the MIWE gusto:snack) can optionally be equipped. It can be used to prepare everything that is processed better with steam than with heat alone in these baking ovens too.

Entirely new possibilities for snack and gastronomic bakers
The MIWE gastronomic function decisively expands the range of applications of these baking ovens, including perfect hot-air baking, (steam) proofing and reheating. In so doing, it unlocks a whole host of new possibilities for planning your range. Lunch? Supper? Nothing is too great a challenge with the right technology.

Besides permanent steam technology, a core temperature sensor is also part of the gastronomic function. Meaning cooking and roasting to perfection is child's play even for the unpractised.

The advantages of MIWE gastronomic function

  • Perfect hot-air baking for high-quality baked goods
  • Flavour-protecting steaming (e.g. for fish and vegetables)
  • Accelerated cooking thanks to steam release (think of crispy roast pork)
  • Gentle reheating of plate dishes

MIWE gastronomic function in the impulse

In the MIWE impulse, you can find more information on this topic.

All products with MIWE gastronomic function

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