MIWE Frozen dough piece baking

For stone cold experts

Frozen dough pieces are (briefly) proofed frozen bakery products, which are baked without further proofing, going directly from being frozen to baking in the MIWE frozen dough baking process. To do so, the MIWE frozen dough baking combines the controlled thawing of such dough pieces in the baking chamber directly with the baking process that immediately follows.

Simply remove the frozen dough pieces from the deep freeze storage and place them directly onto trays, slide them in and initiate the appropriate baking program for frozen items. The baking oven takes care of the rest all on its own: swift thawing to a core temperature of approx. 0°C (here, continuous steam and pulses of circulating air ensure that the skin does not dry out) and automatic start of the corresponding baking program.

The duration of the entire process depends on the product being processed; for bread rolls, it is around 24 to 27 minutes.

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The advantages of MIWE frozen dough piece baking

  • Constant, excellent product quality
  • Reliable process even without expert personnel thanks to precisely controlled proofing without skin formation
  • Vibrant fresh baking experience for your customers
  • Flexible timing from production to baking (with a time horizon of several weeks)
  • No additional investment into proofing equipment required

Important: adherence to the set temperature – 18°C for the warehouse and supply chain is crucial for good results!

All products with MIWE frozen dough piece baking technology

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