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The administrator, …

... for example your software engineer, whose job it is to ensure the reliable availability and flawless software performance of your systems. MIWE sbs:systems is the module for your administrator. He or she can use this module to check whether all systems are live. If the administrator notices that a system has not responded for more than one day, he or she can immediately request a service technician to check the system at your site. The administrator is also contacted if a branch reports a problem with a system (or if the MIWE messenger* has sent a problem message to the administrator's smartphone). The administrator uses MIWE sbs: systems to check all pending error or change messages. In this way, the administrator can detect a systematic operator error, which he or she then discusses (remotely from headquarters) with the branch employee in order to eliminate the problem. The administrator can also request an immediate service call. Alternatively, the administrator can contact one of your service employees, who can log in to the system directly and immediately assist, potentially eliminating the need for a service call. The administrator is always notified via the dashboard if a new software version is available for the systems. While reading about the new version, the administrator may discover a promising new feature and decide to try it out. The administrator simply calls MIWE and the update is immediately installed on the test system via remote update. If the administrator likes the new feature, it has to be transferred to all other systems. Here too, the administrator simply sends a quick message to MIWE, and the software update is transferred to all relevant systems.

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