The master baker

The master baker's tasks include testing, optimising and releasing new baking programs (for new products). Thanks to the MIWE smart baking suite, this is easier than ever before.

First, the baker creates a new baking program in the MIWE sbs: library baking program library (the program may be a modified copy of an existing one). He or she can then transfer it to the test system. The baker then performs the first baking test (adding comments as necessary). If necessary, the baker improves the baking program and documents the changes. The baker repeats this process until he or she is completely satisfied with the result. Next, the baker may enter further additional information about the baking program, such as work instructions, the recommended loading pattern, a photo that will later be displayed on the controller to represent the baking program, etc. Finally, he or she releases the baking program for use.

At the same time, the baker also creates profiles, which in this case are lists of baking programs and additional information that may apply to a specific baking station and/or a specific region. In this way, the baker can easily ensure that only the baking programs intended for this purpose (and additional information) are made available for a particular type of oven and/or a specific region. The baker can easily assign the profile and all its data to all systems associated with the profile, either immediately or at a predetermined time (such as Wednesday at 2 am), and either once or at recurring intervals.

This means that the master baker enjoys the convenience of being able to form groups according to specific criteria and to address them as a single unit. At the same time, the baker's administrative overhead for systems is kept to an absolute minimum. 

To top it off, quality assurance is also part of the package. At any time, the master baker can check whether the systems assigned to a certain profile are still synchronised with that profile or whether baking programs have been changed in the meantime at a branch or oven (provided the local users have the appropriate authorisations in the control system). At the touch of a button, the baker can then synchronise the systems with updated data with his or her profile again. However, if the baker notices that a specific change made locally at a branch was necessary and correct, he or she can also add the changed program to his or her profile at the push of a button and transfer it to all similar baking stations in one step.

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