MIWE in-store baking

"Using an oven as a sales assistant?" Why not? After all, it is the heart of every bakery. The psychology of advertising should recognise and utilise the advantages of bread and baked products over the many other foods with which they are in constant competition. "With articles about 'sight-and-scent' baking, I wanted to draw attention to this open and inviting space," is how Prof. Wenz described his motives in retrospect.

Convection ovens

The smell of fresh-baked rolls and the sight of steaming crescent rolls make in-store baking of bread and pastries an experience for your customers. The movement of air inside the convection ovens ensures perfect heat distribution in the oven and the best results. 

Whether you choose a premium appliance, a combination of convection oven and deck ovens, or a space-saving shop oven - as the "inventor" of aroma baking we offer you a variety of fresh baking stations for your special purposes.

Deck ovens

Baking expertise has many faces. As different as the concepts may be - the right oven is always at the heart of the matter. Choosing the right deck oven is important. For only when it fits your concept perfectly will you get the most out of it. We would be happy to provide you with more information.


A multi-system composed of different MIWE in-store ovens creates room for your ambitions. If your store concept involves baking very different baked goods, and if a wide product range is important in addition to on-time availability, then your oven needs to be an all-round talent.

Oven combinations unite the circulating heat of a convection oven with the gentle baking atmosphere of a deck oven. In the smallest of spaces, you get two oven systems for exceptional versatility and sophistication in baking.

Food Service

Do you offer your guests freshly baked products or a selection of high-quality snacks? We provide you with professional ovens that master a wide variety of tasks. At the same time, the devices are small and slim, able to find a place in any kitchen, catering space or shop.

We combine easy operation with trusted MIWE baking quality. These clever ovens from the food service sector allow you to achieve excellent baking results with minimal space requirements.

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