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MIWE variobake

Push the system boundaries. Open up entirely new possibilities in the deck baking oven

Would you like to bake on a flue-gas circulator as if it were a thermal oil baking oven and still have all the flue-gas characteristics at your disposal? Many bakers have wanted this for a long time. It could bring a whole new world of freedom and significant flexibility to your bakehouse. It would also allow you to bake products with fine differences in character on a single baking oven system.

Could, would? Forget about these hypothetical statements. MIWE variobake is here. A technology that allows you to control the temperature behaviour and baking characteristics of a baking oven system more freely than ever before. For example, it lets you bake products in a MIWE ideal e+ as if it were a thermal baking oven. Or a classic wood-fired oven. Or even a traditional flue-gas circulator.

Finer and more flexible temperature control MIWE variobake allows for much finer and more flexible temperature adjustment in the baking chamber than ever before. Conventional flue-gas heated deck ovens with burners that only know two states: on and off. So full throttle or idle. This means a temperature curve can only ever be approximately mapped. The actual temperature always "oscillates" a bit around the set point. Full power is always used for heating. The energy input can therefore become very high very quickly – too high for some baked goods.

Intelligent logic controls the modulating burner For MIWE variobake, two things now come together to make controlling the burner and transferring the energy onto the baked goods significantly more sensitive and precise: a modulating burner whose power can be infinitely regulated just like using an accelerator pedal. And an intelligent logic in the MIWE TC control, which proactively ensures that the burner always works at precisely the right performance setting required in order to achieve the desired energy input.

The advantages of MIWE variobake

  • Finer control of the heat quantity transferred to the baked goods. More targeted supply of products with the respectively required energy.
  • Improved uniformity and balance in the system.
  • Significant reduction in the flue gas-typical flame effect, oven does not protrude.
  • Significantly improved batch-after-batch baking pleasure, precise baking time calculation.
  • Flexible baking characteristics right up to emulating different baking oven systems (such as thermal oil, tube coil or wood-fired oven). Expanding the range of applications and saving investments into a second oven system.
  • Energy cost savings thanks to consistent avoidance of overloading, faster heating up times and lower loading temperatures.
  • Reduced maintenance costs, prolonged service life and improved exhaust gas values thanks to modulating burners.
  • Simple transition, as no changes to preliminary processes (recipes, dough making, ...) are required.

MIWE variobake in impulse

In the MIWE impulse, you can find more information on this topic.

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