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MIWE smartproof

The procedure for excellent baked goods quality with a large throughput

MIWE smartproof is a special bakery refrigeration process that we developed together with quality-conscious bakers. Here, dough pieces are cooled on MIWE SF-D suction flash freezers quickly and evenly, but without freezing, i.e. gently and with the most efficient use of energy, to a core temperature of 6°C. A special air guide system prevents products from drying out. Cool storage in the low plus-temperature range enables the aroma to fully develop. The ventilation slits act as cold reservoirs and in so doing simplify transport, storage and logistics. The cooled dough pieces can be transported and baked within a time frame of up to 36 hours – without any active cooling!

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The advantages of MIWE smartproof

  • Excellent quality – more aroma and taste
  • The most uniformity even with large quantities
  • Saves energy costs since there is no need to freeze
  • The best possible use of refrigeration space thanks to stacking
  • Easy logistics and storage – economical without active cooling!
  • Flexible sight-and-smell baking within a comfortable timescale of approx. 36 hours

MIWE smartproof in impulse

In the MIWE impulse, you can find more information on this topic.

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