The branch or district manager

A manager's primary tools are MIWE sbs: shops and the many reports that come with the MIWE smart baking suite. To illustrate, here are just a few examples of the many applications. Based on the freshness report, the district manager determines that the freshness times for the baked goods are repeatedly exceeded at a particular store. Using the report, he or she can contact employees directly and tell them where and when (at what times of the day) the problems occur most frequently. The manager leaves the commented report with his or her staff so they can check their work. The following week the manager can check whether the report served its purpose. Or, suppose that the district manager is planning to open 10 branches in his or her region on a Sunday for a special sale. In MIWE sbs: shops, the manager sets the start times of the ovens in each store so that the sales team can begin work smoothly in the morning. At the same time, the manager also wants to display special images that advertise the day's special sale on the store ovens, which are in clear view of customers. The manager transfers these advertising images to all relevant baking stations in one step. The dashboard provides important planning tools for the manager, such as tools for organising the daily (baking) process at stores, taking into account defined store opening and baking times. The manager can plan complete usage profiles for the systems on the basis of defined start-up, cleaning and block times, easily distribute them and then check whether the specified plan has been followed.

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