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Showing off the possibilities of vacuum conditioning

Danish pastries and quark pastries in particular are quite demanding when it comes to baking technology. The filling should be wonderfully moist and rise beautifully – but without the fine layers of dough sticking together. In addition to "fluffy, airy and juicy", keeping the product as fresh as possible for as long as possible is also at the top of the list of requirements. No easy task! How lucky is it, then, that modern technologies such as vacuum conditioning are ideally suited for exactly these kind of tricky tasks, as we were able to impressively demonstrate to our guests again last week during extensive process tests in the MIWE live baking center.

Our test subjects: poppy seed, quark and nut Striezel (a braided yeast pastry) as well as quark and cherry Plunder pastries.

Baked – with a 20% shorter baking time (!) – in the MIWE roll-in rack oven, with vacuum conditioning directly after in the MIWE VC.

Stability and volume were clearly impressive – as was the wonderfully uniform pastry structure.

Read here about how hot-out-of-the-oven products can be cooled to temperatures below 40°C in just a few minutes with the MIWE VC as well as all the other advantages vacuum conditioning has to offer.

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