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from the world of MIWE
Press information for iba trade fair 2023
Press information for iba trade fair 2023

Discover the world of MIWE digitally at iba 2023: our online press kit gives you instant access to the latest press materials, high-resolution images, product news and insider insights, all tailored for fast and efficient reporting.

Press information for iba trade fair 2023

Discover the world of MIWE digitally at iba 2023: our online press kit gives you instant access to the latest press materials, high-resolution images, product news and insider insights, all tailored for fast and efficient reporting. Immerse yourself in a resource designed specifically to make your job easier and give you a seamless connection to red-hot innovations and news from the heart of our baking technology expertise.

iba 2023 is back after a five-year break. At this trend-setting trade fair, we present groundbreaking solutions that aim to make the way the world bakes just that little bit better and easier, one more time. Quickly and efficiently discover the highlights of our presentation, from advanced baking stations and production ovens to sustainable energy concepts, and use the materials provided to enrich your reporting.

The MIWE stand conept

MIWE's stand is a hotspot of innovation, inviting iba visitors to discover the future of baking through a mix of (new) product presentations, live experiences and digital solutions. Among other things, the focus will be on demonstrating the competence of live baking under demanding conditions together with the Swiss Bakery and Confectionery Craft School Richemont. In collaboration, the two experts for baking demonstrate the synergy of craftsmanship and advanced technology.

The stand presentation will focus on key products such as the MIWE ideal production deck baking oven, the MIWE roll-in rack oven and the tried-and-tested MIWE condo and MIWE aero in-store baking stations - all of which have been awarded the e+ energy-saving seal. Each of these products embodies MIWE's commitment to excellence and innovation in bakery technology and shines with outstanding baking results in their respective fields of application.

In addition, multiple digital consultation points and the VR showroom on the stand enhance the customer experience by providing comprehensive information and advice through multilingual product and landing pages, as well as 3D product views. These interactive stations not only facilitate the understanding of the equipment and technologies presented, but also allow visitors to discover, get information and advice on the most suitable solutions for their specific needs.

From automation to energy efficiency to customised baking solutions, every area of the MIWE stand is designed to show how MIWE's innovations solve real-world problems (to take just one example: the shortage of skilled workers) and contribute to the further development of the baking industry.

Amidst the technological highlights is the MIWE Future Lab, a showcase into the (in-store) baking of the future. Whether through automation, energy efficiency or customer service, MIWE's presence at the show is living proof of its ongoing commitment to driving the industry forward and paving the way for customers to do business successfully.


MIWE ideal e+
MIWE condo e+
MIWE roll-in e+
MIWE smartfresh
MIWE Future Lab

In the world of bakery technology, the name MIWE has always stood for innovation and quality. This is proven once again with the introduction of the MIWE ideal e+, a deck oven that lives up to its name. The latest version of the tried-and-tested system features a wide range of improvements, in particular greatly reduced energy consumption, which helps bakeries to work more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly manner.

The MIWE ideal e+ remains true to its roots and offers a number of substantial innovations in addition. These include optimised flue gas routing and improved vacuum control, which ensure uniform, reproducible baking results. A newly developed steam system takes efficiency to a new level by using just the right amount of water - not a drop more or less. This leads to perfect baking results while minimising water and energy waste.

Another special highlight is the MIWE variobake system, which now enables even more sensitive temperature control. By combining a modulating burner and intelligent control logic, bakers can use the baking characteristics of different oven types to their advantage and perfectly bake a variety of products, from delicate, sugary baked goods to robust rye bread. Depending on the setting of the baking programme, this energy transfer can be designed, according to the baker's wishes, either from very aggressive, for a wood-fired oven character, or gentle, for a ring tube oven character, to ensure the optimal baking process for the respective baked product.

Externally, the MIWE ideal e+ boasts a sleek design with clever features, including a large-format 10-inch touch display and electrically opening oven doors that simplify operation and make the oven ideal for automated production environments.

The assembly and commissioning of the MIWE ideal e+ have also been simplified to enable bakeries to get started quickly. Improvements such as an easily accessible installation module and a standardised, compact arrangement of the inner workings also make servicing easier.

When it comes to energy efficiency, the MIWE ideal e+ sets new standards. Thanks to improved insulation, optimised raking system and reduced burner output, this MIWE ideal e+ is the most economical MIWE has ever produced. It embodies MIWE's commitment to helping bakeries achieve their business goals by combining the highest baking quality with unparalleled efficiency.

The MIWE condo, a well-known and popular masterpiece in the world of deck ovens, has outdone itself once again. Known for its versatility and excellence in baking in small spaces, the all-rounder presents itself with a master upgrade that further enhances its already impressive performance and range of products.

The latest version of the MIWE condo offers two key innovations: MIWE optitherm technology for more precise temperature control and a revised steaming system. Both improvements not only affect the baking quality and the range of possible baked goods, but also contribute to significant energy savings.

With MIWE optitherm, the heating power of the baking oven adapts even more precisely to the needs of the baked goods, saving energy while maximising the quality of the products and allowing typical Asian products, such as soft cakes, to be baked with ease, among other things. The new steam system improves humidity control in the baking chamber and, after all, every baker knows that the right steam is essential for first-class results. These innovations also result in more even browning and consistency of baked goods and offer bakers the flexibility to fine-tune baking times and temperatures for a variety of products.

The MIWE condo e+ impresses not only with its technological superiority, but also with its energy efficiency. Standardised comparative measurements show that it consumes up to 9 % less energy than its predecessor, earning it the e⁺ seal of approval. This oven is a prime example of MIWE's commitment to innovation, quality and environmental awareness, which benefits bakeries worldwide.

MIWE presents the MIWE roll-in e+, which is considered the heart of the bakery and has been continuously improved to meet the changing demands of bakers. The current model stands out for its unsurpassed energy efficiency, user-friendliness and baking quality.
The key elements that distinguish the MIWE roll-in e+ are:

  1. MIWE Heat Flow: An innovative technology that ensures consistently perfect baking results by providing precise air flow and temperature control in the oven.
  2. Optimised steam device: Ensures even steam distribution, improves the crust and texture of baked goods and enables a variety of baking options.
  3. MIWE aircontrol 2.0: Enables fine-tuned control of the baking atmosphere to achieve optimum results even with the most sensitive products.
  4. Energy efficiency: With its improved insulation and intelligent energy management, the MIWE roll-in e+ sets new standards in energy saving.
  5. Versatility for future requirements: With features such as MIWE variobake and the Booster, which support a wider range of baked goods while increasing quality and efficiency.

The MIWE roll-in e+ proves that tradition and innovation can go hand in hand to provide bakers with the reliability and state-of-the-art technology they need for their daily craft. This baking oven, which MIWE - in particular Prof. Edgar Michael Wenz - played a major role in shaping, is the cornerstone of rolling production and has long been not only an investment in the present, but also a preparation for the future of baking. MIWE underlines this statement with a small note on the product: "Automation ready".

In today's fast-paced bakery industry, businesses face the constant dilemma of balancing efficiency and freshness. That's where MIWE smartfresh comes in: a revolutionary refrigeration system that enables bakeries to optimise production and reduce energy costs while delivering on a promise of continuous freshness.

With MIWE smartfresh, night work becomes optional. Bakeries can now shift their production to the more convenient hours of the day by producing partially baked goods and storing them in ideal conditions for up to ten days. This system not only keeps the products fresh, but actually improves their quality by adding moisture for an even fresher end product.

But that's not all: MIWE smartfresh also contributes to significant energy savings. Compared to conventional deep-freezing, the process requires significantly less energy, which reduces both the operating costs and the ecological footprint of a bakery.

In addition, MIWE smartfresh offers an innovative answer to the problem of mould growth: a special blue light system delays the formation of mould, which extends the storage time and ensures product quality.

In short, MIWE smartfresh is not just an investment in a refrigeration system; it is an investment in the future of your bakery. It enables more flexible production, reduces operating costs and at the same time guarantees that customers can always enjoy fresh baked goods. Where customer expectations are constantly rising, MIWE smartfresh provides the tools to stay one step ahead.

In an industry dominated by tradition, the MIWE Future Lab breaks with convention and leads the bakery into a new era of efficiency and automation. Here, the boundaries of what is possible are expanded by integrating state-of-the-art technologies such as automation and artificial intelligence into the baking process.

A centrepiece of the Future Lab is the MIWE autonomous baking centre (ABC), which is equipped with a floor conveyor system and a collaborative robot (Cobot). The last-named advanced helper is changing the way baked goods are made by automatically loading and unloading deck and convection baking ovens such as the MIWE condo and the MIWE FBC. But the Cobot does not stand for the replacement of the baker, but for valuable support. It takes over repetitive, physically demanding tasks, allowing bakers to concentrate on the creative and qualitative craftsmanship that makes their products unique. Combined with the floor conveyor, entire (rack) wagons can be automatically moved from the bakery cold into the oven and baked out again.

But this is only part of the innovations that the MIWE Future Lab has to offer. Another development is the MIWE voicebot. This intelligent voice control system transforms interaction with baking ovens. Using simple voice commands, bakers can intuitively control baking processes, making everyday work in the often hectic environment of a bakery or in food retailing (LEH) much easier. The MIWE voicebot not only helps to increase efficiency, but also increases production safety by minimising the risk of human error.

The MIWE Future Lab is thus not only a testing ground for new technologies, but a stepping stone to a future in which bakeries can work more efficiently, safely and profitably. It represents MIWE's commitment to not only help bakeries adapt to the modern world, but to actively lead them into the future.

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MIWE Press information for iba 2023

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