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MIWE delta-baking

Baking of the finer kind

Conventional oven systems have only two burner conditions: on or off. Full throttle or idle. Every motorist knows that this is no way to make smooth progress.

With the MIWE roll-in e+ you will reach your destination with much greater sensitivity: with MIWE delta-baking, you have two energy levels of differing strengths at your disposal. This allows the temperature curve in the baking chamber to be regulated considerably more finely, and also saves a lot of energy, as the oven does not have to run with the maximum burner capacity unnecessarily. Previous practical measurements show savings of between 7 and 15%, depending on the baked goods – and that's with an oven that is already highly energy-efficient.

Baking parameter "softness" Because with a single additional baking parameter, the oven's "softness" can be changed, improving baking results for certain products, in particular Danish-style pastries, other pastries and cakes. The delta baking technology also reduces wear effects on the burner and heat exchanger.Finer regulation possibilities, more personalised baking performance, improved results. Typically MIWE!

The advantages of MIWE delta-baking

  • Individual baking thanks to significantly finer dosage of the burner power
  • "Softer" characteristics primarily improve Danish pastries, other pastries and cakes
  • Saves energy 

All products with MIWE delta-baking technology

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