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Digital Solutions: All resources firmly under control.  Everywhere. At any time.

Would you like to have an overview of your bakery or your branches at all times without having to be on site all the time? MIWE digital solutions are the answer. Smart, efficient and perfectly adapted to your processes.

The full range of digital possibilities

Central control, networked infrastructure, digital monitoring: save time and resources

Comprehensive consulting

Conception, implementation, support: MIWE experts ensure efficient processes all around

Planning and testing on site

Test our systems and ask our experts at the MIWE Live Baking Centre in Arnstein

MIWE digital solutions: Holistic solutions for better baked goods and better business

Nowadays, a good oven alone is no longer enough for achieving optimal baking results and success. The seamless integration of all baking processes as well as flexible, reliable and networked technology are essential in order to survive in the market. Sounds complicated? Not at all. MIWE implements customised solutions for your exact needs: with efficient production processes, innovative software for full control and planning as well as comprehensive service.

Keep an eye on everything. Everywhere.

Do you want full control? Challenge accepted! Our management software MIWE smart baking suite (sbs) is the interface for your networked baking ovens and enables you to automate processes and create clear reports. Conveniently monitor all processes, transfer baking programmes and detect and eliminate quality deficiencies in your branches at an early stage.

Consistent high quality.
It's simple.

Are you concerned about the shortage of skilled workers? With MIWE digital solutions, you can conveniently connect your ovens with each other - whether with an on-premise or a cloud solution. This means that many processes can be easily controlled and monitored via the control centre, from baking programmes to updates and cleaning processes. For consistent product quality in every staff situation.

Are you interested in our digital solutions or do you have any questions?

Together we develop the ideal software solution for your individual requirements. Our experts will be happy to advise you!

MIWE digital solutions. MIWE digital solutions. MIWE digital solutions. MIWE digital solutions. MIWE digital solutions. MIWE digital solutions. MIWE digital solutions. MIWE digital solutions.
MIWE digital solutions. MIWE digital solutions. MIWE digital solutions. MIWE digital solutions. MIWE digital solutions. MIWE digital solutions. MIWE digital solutions. MIWE digital solutions.

MIWE. Your competent partner for innovative software solutions

At MIWE, you get perfectly coordinated hardware and software from a single source. We can draw on a wealth of experience in implementation and accompany you purposefully on your way to a future-oriented business - regardless of whether you are a small artisan baker or a large bakery chain. Discover the added value of MIWE digital solutions now - we will be happy to advise you on your individual benefits.

MIWE digital solutions: future-proof processes made easy

Benefit from our many years of experience and individual, professional advice! With the hardware and software solutions from MIWE, you lay the foundation for future-proof operation, increase efficiency, can act more sustainably and have convenient access to all relevant data of your systems. For the best possible products and smooth processes.

Smart planning, central control: These are your advantages

  • Central access to all networked systems enables simple evaluation and control as well as efficient planning of all processes at the oven.
  • We incorporate all our experience (and that of our customers!) in the continuous further development of the software. This means that hardware and software are optimally matched to each other and to the special needs of bakers.
  • We offer solutions for artisan bakers as well as large-scale bakery chains, and support you in the transformation towards a future-oriented business.
  • No matter where you are today - we cover all your needs: From the entry-level solution MIWE starter app to the all-round management software MIWE smart baking suite.
  • The entry-level solution MIWE starter app is a virtual interface for systems that are operated with touch control or fixed programme control.
  • Continuous development and adaptation of our portfolio and software functionalities based on the latest findings.
  • The larger your branch network, the more you benefit from the central customisation and control options provided by MIWE digital solutions.

This is how MIWE's digital offerings support you in your daily processes

Success stories: MIWE digital solutions at a local bakery

"Der MIWE roll-in e+ erzielt beste Backergebnisse bei niedrigem Energieverbrauch. Eine sinnvolle Investition "
Bäckerei Bertschi
Kloten, Schweiz
"Viele Gründe, die für MIWE sprechen"
Backhaus Kutzer
Konnersreuth, Deutschland
"MIWE remote ist eine neue Dimension"
Bäckerei Miedl
Bad Endorf, Deutschland
"Ein Vorteil im Vergleich zu Tasten und Drehreglern"
Bäckerei Plücker
Waldeck, Deutschland
"Mehr Glanz, gleichmäßiges Backergebnis und noch Energie sparen"
Wümme-Bäckerei Sammann GmbH
Fischerhude, Deutschland
"MIWE remote ist für uns eine große Erleichterung"
Bäckerei Treiber
Steinenbronn, Deutschland

Didn't find exactly what you were looking for? Or would you like to arrange a consultation appointment?

Talk directly to a MIWE expert and get personalised advice.

MIWE Live Baking Centre. MIWE Live Baking Centre. MIWE Live Baking Centre. MIWE Live Baking Centre. MIWE Live Baking Centre. MIWE Live Baking Centre. MIWE Live Baking Centre. MIWE Live Baking Centre.
MIWE Live Baking Centre. MIWE Live Baking Centre. MIWE Live Baking Centre. MIWE Live Baking Centre. MIWE Live Baking Centre. MIWE Live Baking Centre. MIWE Live Baking Centre. MIWE Live Baking Centre.
In addition to the entire technology for central production, the complete product portfolio for in-store baking is of course also available for extensive testing in our MIWE Live Baking Centre.
At workshops, seminars and events of all kinds, we bring interested parties closer to the world of shop baking at LBC. Here as a guest: bread sommelier Tobias Exner at MIWE expo.
The baking masters from MIWE will of course be there to support you with their experience and expertise during your visit to the MIWE Live Baking Centre.

Test our technologies in the MIWE Live Baking Centre in Arnstein

Pictures are patient - only in practice does it become clear whether a product delivers what it promises. At the MIWE live baking centre in Arnstein, you can put our bakery systems and digital solutions through their paces in a fully equipped demonstration bakery. The motto "Meet the experts" is to be taken literally: Not only can you ask our master bakers and dough technologists in person, we also offer comprehensive expert workshops and seminars. We would be happy to help you plan your trip!

Optimised processes through robot technology

MIWE's declared goal is to make the baker's life easier. In view of the shortage of skilled workers, it is not only intelligent bakery systems and smart networking solutions that can help - MIWE already presented a study with a collaborative robot ("Cobot") in 2022. This filigree helper automatically takes over monotonous tasks such as placing the dough pieces, depositing or removing the baked goods. An ambitious look into the future of in-store baking.


Track down energy traps with MIWE digital solutions!

In times of rising energy costs, it is elementary to optimise processes in order to save costs. The MIWE sbs:energy monitor within the MIWE smart baking suite is the ideal tool for this. It displays the energy consumption of the networked ovens clearly and according to various criteria. The elementary key parameter is the baking efficiency, i.e. the ratio of real baking time to total switch-on time. This helps you identify problem areas, train your staff better and save energy - and therefore money.

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