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Now and in the future

About MIWE

People have been baking for thousands of years. We have been simplifying and improving the baking process since 1919. Discover in our history how MIWE invented in-store baking and continues to this day to revolutionise the baking world with state-of-the-art technologies. With long-standing expertise, an innovative spirit and the highest quality standards, we ensure solid growth.

Just better: MIWE baking excellence

We have developed clear core competencies that all focus on one goal: making baking easier for our customers. That means we can provide you with not only an oven or a baking system, but that you benefit from our comprehensive baking solutions that work together seamlessly. We take your entire business into account.

MIWE Sustainability

We are committed to making a contribution to sustainability and energy savings. This not only helps protect the environment, but you benefit as well: Our tailor-made solutions help us ensure noticeable energy cost reductions in your bakehouse – together with reliable product quality and process flows. And that saves you money. Read more about our activities.

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