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Simply smarter baking

MIWE starter app

Connect your MIWE oven directly to your smartphone and get valuable information such as energy consumption, baking programme usage and data on error codes. You gain in-depth insight into the use and performance of your oven to help you optimise your processes and increase the quality of your baked goods.

Digitalisation made easy

Imagine being able to connect your MIWE in-store oven directly to your smartphone and retrieve valuable information such as energy consumption, baking programme usage and error codes in no time at all. The MIWE starter app makes it possible. The app offers you an innovative way of optimising your baking processes and of delving deeper into the use and performance of your MIWE product.

The useful information allows you to adjust your processes immediately, which, for example, could have a positive impact on energy consumption and increase the quality of the baked goods.

The MIWE starter app is easy to use and also offers an appealing design that illustrates important data in an understandable way. Reading out error codes (especially with the MIWE FP fixed programme control) has never been so easy. You can also conveniently use your smartphone to switch off the oven remotely and set the time of day as well as adjust for daylight saving time and standard time.

Conveniently view the live status such as remaining baking time or the actual and set temperatures in the heating phase, on your mobile device.

To help you manage that successfully, the MIWE starter app offers step-by-step instructions on how to connect the oven locally to the network, as well as the option of creating an account in the MIWE public cloud.
Optimise your baking processes and gain valuable insight into the performance of your MIWE oven with the MIWE starter app.

Welcome to the digital world of baking - welcome to MIWE starter.

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The app is available in German and English.

Ignite the turbo – with the MIWE smart baking suite

The MIWE starter app is the perfect introduction to the fully-fledged online management software MIWE smart baking suite. The comprehensive management software that clearly evaluates and visualises all the data from your networked ovens. You can use it for a number of tasks, including centrally monitoring all the processes on the systems, transferring baking programmes or simply programming or deactivating baking chambers to save resources.

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