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Optimised energy efficiency in your bakery: A worthwhile investment!

Detailed analyses, customised concepts and comprehensive advice: MIWE energy offers it all.

Detailed energy checks

Detailed recording of all energy-relevant data from your bakery

Comprehensive energy analysis

Efficiency calculation, year-round analysis and amortisation calculation

Customised energy concepts

Various models with different savings potentials to choose from

Energy is what keeps everythingrunning in a bakery.

But whether it comes in the form of electricity, gas or oil, energy is unfortunately an expensive resource. In order to make the extremely energy-intensive production of baked goods as efficient as possible and to contribute to sustainable energy savings, all MIWE technology, from the oven to the refrigeration system, is designed to maximise energy efficiency. But even the most efficient systems still produce waste heat that can be taken advantage of - if you know how.

Simply recovering energy without considering where and how this energy can be used sensibly is not very effective. But this is where it gets complex, because what the energy sources (e.g. waste heat from ovens) supply often does not match what potential energy consumers (e.g. heating) need (wrong temperature levels, often at the wrong time). And then many bakers rightly ask if it's actually worth it in the end. Our experience has shown that yes, it is. Provided you go about it the right way. And MIWE energy is dedicated to precisely this task.

It pays

There are a variety of reasons why it pays to reduce your energy consumption. Cost is definitely one of the most important factors. After all, energy isn't free. There is also the environmental aspect, as wasting resources can have serious implications. Last but not least, legislation also comes into play, given that strict energy and environmental regulations have been enforced at various levels for some time now. With that in mind, there's no doubt about it that optimising energy consumption in your bakery is an extremely worthwhile investment in the future.

Our energy concept

You can't just completely throttle the energy consumption of your bakery. At the end of the day, you have to bake your products. Ovens, refrigerators and freezers all consume a great deal of energy. Of course, modern appliances are a first step towards lower energy consumption, but there are other effective approaches. Our MIWE energy consulting concept reduces your energy costs – in many ways.

In the bakery

Every bakery is different – but, whether large or small, they all share various characteristics with regard to energy consumption. On the one hand, every bakery has energy consumers that can be utilised as heat sources. On the other hand, there are energy consumers that could potentially utilise waste heat. Water serves to transfer thermal energy between these two worlds.

Basic principles

A concept is only complete if it not only identifies where which quantities of energy are obtained, but also takes into account where this energy can be re-utilised effectively. That is the most important principle forming the basis of the MIWE energy concept: energy can only be effectively optimised in closed circuits.

Want to know how you can save energy?  Then take the next step! We would be happy to provide you with more information.

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Real-life examples

To give you a true understanding of the design and the savings associated with an integrated bakery energy system, let us present a number of actual examples, from a small hot water circuit in a bakery refrigeration system to a large-scale heat recycling system.

The simplest way to recover heat at the oven

MIWE eco:box

MIWE energy example
MIWE energy Beispiel

The MIWE eco:box makes use of the residual heat from your flue gas. The water heated used this energy is used to heat up the service water (and/or to assist the heating system). 
The potential savings depend on the burner output and run times.

Highly efficient energy recovery at the oven

MIWE eco:nova 

The MIWE eco:nova utilises the flue gas and steam emitted by several ovens – separating the flue gas and steam to ensure maximum efficiency. In so doing, it supplies two temperature levels. The ideal recipient: a basket washing system (with rinse and drying cycles).
The potential savings depend on the burner output, baking times and product range. Thanks to the MIWE eco:nova, the system only needs one exhaust flue rather than the usual four.

MIWE energy recovery
MIWE Energierückgewinnung

The "small refrigeration circuit"

MIWE eco:recover

The waste heat from the compression refrigeration system in the MIWE GVA fully-automatic proofing unit is exchanged in a MIWE eco:recover for hot water used for gentle heating in the same proofing unit. This saves on expensive electricity.

Distinguished energy-efficient products

At MIWE, we are committed to using energy efficiently and making a lasting contribution to sustainable energy conservation. This commitment applies above all to the systems and processes we develop for our customers. MIWE systems that demonstrate this commitment in a special way – and only these systems – are given the e+seal of quality.

The e+ seal was awarded for the first time over 10 years ago to the MIWE roll-in rack oven for its exceptional energy efficiency. Since then, a wide variety of products have earned this addition, from the MIWE GVA e+ fully-automatic proofing unit to the MIWE ideal e+ deck oven. The MIWE aero e+ and, more recently, the MIWE condo e+ are also part of this special product range in the in-store oven segment.

Customers who choose a MIWE product with the e+ seal of approval are purchasing a product that combines top technological performance with the highest energy efficiency currently achievable.

Energy recovery

MIWE energy offers a full range of components for energy recovery and conversion on both a small or large scale. With our universal solutions and a tailored concept for your bakery, you can make the most of your potential energy savings.

MIWE eco:nova

MIWE eco:nova
MIWE eco:nova

The MIWE eco:nova uses thermal energy from two sources, steam and flue gas, in strict separation to ensure maximum overall efficiency. On average, it recovers a quarter of the energy used for baking (or one quarter of the energy costs invested). And works seamlessly on a vast array of ovens.

MIWE eco:box

MIWE eco:box
MIWE eco:box

Wherever heat from oven burner flue gas or heating boilers is to be recovered effectively without impairing the baking result, MIWE eco:box is in its element. Different performance classes offer a solution for every size of business, from small artisanal bakers to large, industrial bakeries.

MIWE eco:recover

MIWE eco:recover
MIWE eco:recover

Heat can also be recovered from the cold, whereby, for example, a refrigerant is utilised by a modular waste heat exchanger. This kind of heat recovery can be installed in a wide range of bakery refrigeration systems, and the great thing is that the MIWE eco:recover can be retrofitted at any time.

MIWE eco:proof

MIWE eco:proof
MIWE eco:proof

The MIWE eco:proof is designed for (fully) automatic proofing units and air-conditioned chambers. Where expensive electricity would have otherwise been used, it is now possible to achieve the right proofing temperature much more gently (compared to conventional radiant heaters) using hot water that is already available, for example from the MIWE eco:nova, while saving energy at the same time.

MIWE eco:ground

MIWE eco:ground
MIWE eco:ground

Icy temperatures prevail in deep freezers, flash freezers and the like. Over time and without the right solution, such freezers can cause damage to a building. This is where MIWE eco:ground comes in, which provides protection against frost heave and draws its energy from recovered heat.

In addition to the entire technology for central production, the complete product portfolio for in-store baking is, of course, also available for extensive testing in our MIWE Live Baking Centre.
At workshops, seminars and events of all kinds, we bring interested parties closer to the world of shop baking at LBC. Here as a guest: bread sommelier Tobias Exner at MIWE expo.
The master bakers from MIWE will of course be there to support you with their experience and expertise during your visit to the MIWE Live Baking Centre.

The MIWE Live Baking Centre: a transparent test bakery when it comes to energy, too

The proof is in the pudding - only in practice does it become clear whether a product delivers on its promises. At the MIWE Live Baking Centre in Arnstein, you have the opportunity to put all systems through their paces in our fully-equipped demonstration bakery - and to take a close look at overall energy consumption. MIWE eco:nova and MIWE eco:control disclose all data and even our meter cabinets have transparent doors. Because one thing is certain: we have nothing to hide.

Success stories: MIWE energy at a local bakery

"Bäckerkälte macht Arbeiten rationeller und entzerrt Engpässe"
Bäckerei Burger
Großweikersdorf, Österreich
"Die Backqualität stimmt. Wichtig ist aber auch die Optik"
Backhaus Grobe
Dortmund, Deutschland
"Flexibel auf höchstem Niveau backen"
Hotel Süllberg
Hamburg, Deutschland
"Wir sparen so nachhaltig Energie bei bester Qualität der Backwaren"
Bäckerei Jägers
Borken, Deutschland
"Wir sparen Energie und verbesserten die Qualität durch Langzeitführung"
Schäfers Backstuben GmbH
Biedenkopf, Deutschland
"Durchdachte Technik und eine umfassende Überwachung"
Bäckerei Staib
Ulm, Deutschland
"Den GVA so genau steuern wie noch nie"
Bäckerei Treiber
Steinenbronn, Deutschland
"Nur MIWE hat sich eine Verbundanlage mit CO2-Kältemittel zugetraut"
Bäckerei Weller
Dreieich, Deutschland
"Kompetenz und das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis haben uns überzeugt"
Bäckerei Winkler
Litzendorf, Deutschland
Better baking with MIWE. Better baking with MIWE. Better baking with MIWE. Better baking with MIWE. Better baking with MIWE. Better baking with MIWE. Better baking with MIWE. Better baking with MIWE.
Better baking with MIWE. Better baking with MIWE. Better baking with MIWE. Better baking with MIWE. Better baking with MIWE. Better baking with MIWE. Better baking with MIWE. Better baking with MIWE.

Are you interested in energy recovery or do you have questions about potential savings? Talk to us!

Save energy and increase quality with freshness strategies

Fresher goods for customers, simplified processes in the bakery and energy savings to boot. It's all possible with MIWE's freshness strategies. Today more than ever before, bakers must implement optimised strategies to achieve maximum efficiency and reach their goals. In cooperation with our customers, tried-and-tested strategies and systems have been developed that are precisely-tailored to the individual needs of bakers. Above all, they simplify processes, reduce costs (for staff and energy, for instance) and enhance the quality of baked goods.


MIWE smartproof

The method for flexible sight-and-scent baking with simplified logistics and storage. MIWE smartproof is a special bakery refrigeration method in which dough pieces placed on stacking trays are cooled gently, quickly and evenly in the MIWE SF-D suction flash freezer. Cooling to and storing in the low plus temperature range improves taste and quality, while simplifying storage, transport and in-store processes.

MIWE smartproof saves a significant amount of energy because it does not require active cooling. This method enables the spatial and temporal separation of production and baking.


MIWE smartfresh

We've always said that with great cold, comes great freedom. This is also the case with the MIWE smartfresh method and its bakery refrigeration system. So, how does it work and save energy? It's very simple: in the MIWE smartfresh, parbaked single-variety products, such as bread, can be stored for a longer period of time. At a constant temperature of approx. 4°C and a humidity of 95-98% RH, the quality of the baked goods increases, flexible, demand-oriented baking is possible, and processing and baking are separated in terms of time and space. Compared to the usual freezing and baking approach, the MIWE smartfresh method without phase transition uses precious energy in a much more economical way.

Digital solutions for energy optimisation:record data, identify consumption and its causes and thus optimise processes

Whether serving fresher goods to customers, saving energy or simplifying processes, digitalisation now offers enormous opportunities to optimise the energy efficiency of a bakery or branch and to ideally harmonise processes and workflows.

MIWE systems, from production ovens and baking stations to bakery refrigeration, are ready to connect and thus enable quick and easy connection to the MIWE smart baking suite (sbs). This delivers all the data of the networked systems so that they can be managed, monitored and synchronised centrally. The dashboard quickly provides an overview for assessing the current overall status; comprehensive reports and key figures deliver detailed information on all processes; and administrative and calendar features provide optimal support, even remotely.

The MIWE sbs:energiemonitor, a digital dashboard, helps bakers by clearly displaying and evaluating the energy consumption of the connected systems. In various views, informative key figures allow users to adjust processes and thus optimise energy. The calculated "baking efficiency" provides valuable data about operating times and baking times at a glance. By reducing idle times, considerable amounts of energy and cash can be saved.

We have also developed pioneering technologies in the field of bakery refrigeration thanks to our in-depth knowledge of processes and our constant endeavours to make life easier for the world's bakers. Some, such as the frosting baking method developed by Prof Edgar M. Wenz at the end of the 1980s and now established worldwide, have become indispensable in the bakery industry. Other technologies, such as the MIWE smartfresh presented at Südback 2022, are just at the beginning of this successful course; our refrigeration specialists are currently working with our master bakers and dough technologists on a few more. It's all very exciting!

Helps you save energy

The MIWE sbs:energiemonitor – your new, highly informative energy tool.

MIWE sbs:energy monitor
MIWE sbs:energiemonitor

An energy monitor is a welcome addition in times of scarce and increasingly costly energy on the market. Our sbs:energiemonitor not only summarises the actual energy consumption of a baking oven, but also breaks it down in detail. For example, according to different operating states.
In a clear dashboard with various panels, these are displayed graphically and numerically and evaluated directly. How long did the baking station bake for? How long did it take to heat up? How long was it in MIWE Eco mode? How efficiently was the consumed energy used? With the key parameter "baking efficiency", you have important facts at your fingertips to make the right tweaks to optimise energy use.

The MIWE sbs:energiemonitor offers you:

  • Real-time analysis of baking efficiency
  • Overview of energy consumption and utilisation of the baking ovens, also compared across different time periods
  • Control and optimisation options, for example by setting up blocking times

Where is your energy flowing to?

The MIWE eco:control gives youthe big picture!

MIWE eco:control
MIWE eco:control

Energy is what keeps processes going in a bakery. But whether it comes in the form of electricity, gas or oil, energy is a very expensive resource. The MIWE eco:control provides the necessary transparency: Where is this expensive energy actually flowing to? Our energy monitoring system for low-energy bakeries provides detailed answers to this question. It transparently reveals all energy flows in a bakery and delivers comprehensive information about all aspects relating to your energy consumption. The system is of course capable of evaluating the entire baking oven tech and bakery refrigeration equipment, plus the recovery systems, water technology and all connected consumers, right up to the heating network and room ventilation technology.

The MIWE eco:control offers you:

  • Detection of weaknesses and optimisation of costs
  • Easy-to-understand, visual representation of processes with all necessary parameters and indicators
  • Detailed evaluation of the entire bakery's consumption, also as a long-term comparison

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