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MIWE  bpm
Change log
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MIWE bpm

New version of our Baking Program Manager for Windows. Works with the touch-controlled MIWE TC, the fixed program control MIWE FP, and the computerised control system CS.

Bug fixes/new developments V 2.05:

  • Data transfer via USB cable possible with MIWE gusto 3.0
New user guide for the MIWE Baking Program Manager BPM 2.0

Change log

V 2.0

  • Program launch wizard
  • The program name is now BPM instead of BPM2010
  • Units as extra lines
  • Static elements can no longer be jumped to with TAB
  • Input fields have a yellow background
  • Info text hover boxes
  • Device names changed (aero go!/FBC go!)
  • Parameter icons added
  • Wider spacing between sections

V 1.4.11

  • Bug fix: empty image for go! is missing
  • Bug fix: empty image for classic disappears when scrolling down
  • Bug fix: MIWE roll-in and MIWE orbit can add more steam
  • Programme allows baking chamber size to be adjusted (for MIWE aero/econo 4.0 go!)

V 1.4.9

  • Error in MIWE roll-in FP was fixed

V 1.4.3

  • "Power" was not being transmitted via USB connection with the roll-in MNCS
  • Image index for own product images corrected
  • Adjustment of new image index for go!
  • With the roll-in MNCS, the "light" was not being transmitted via the interface
  • Error when reading in programs (second temperature) fixed

v 1.4.1

  • v1.4.1: Error when reading in baking programs (second temperature value) rectified

v 1.4.0

  • v1.4.0: New device types have been added (MIWE go!).

v 1.3.7

  • Product images for TC and go! are shown correctly

v 1.1.2 – 1.3.4

  • Interface selection: COM1 to COM20
  • NEW: Support for the MIWE TC go!
  • Levels for the gastronomic functions of the aero / econo / gusto can be entered correctly.
  • Ideal FP USB added
  • Flexbake troubleshooting
  • List of program names can be printed out
  • Condo master tc-u added
  • Cube:stone heating power maximum 2
  • Gusto FP USB added
  • Variobake on the ideal TC
  • Maximum steam amount per segment on the roll-in MUCS, ideal MUCS 10L
  • If there was more than one oven present (2-circuit/condo), it is possible the wrong oven was read out/inputted.
  • In the aero/cube:air/econo USB, settings were not transferred correctly to the control system in the baking program for the steam slide valve.
  • Flexbake parameters for other control systems.
  • Only delete flexbake parameters when changing the time or temperature.
  • Improved user interface
  • New device types
  • General troubleshooting
  • Bug fix: Fixed the inputting of empty baking program names on MUCS
  • Crashes while browsing in the program list eliminated
  • New control systems added
  • Baking programs in the list can be moved using the "Ctrl" and cursor keys
  • Programs are imported as of the next free storage space
  • File names now provided with TC type (.trl, .tae, .tid, .tgv) for TC

Supported control systems 

  • TC (all oven types + refrigeration)
  • CS (all oven types)
  • FP (nearly all oven types)


  • PC or laptop with WINDOWS® 7 or 10 operating system or higher installed
  • A serial interface or a USB/serial cable (COM1 ... COM8)
  • German and English user interface

Change log
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Java software for adapting your product images and advertising messages on the touch control MIWE TC and now also with TC go!

Change log

v 1.1.0

  • Support for MIWE go!
  • Supports roll-in 3.0 10″ display
  • Supports more than 50 of your own pictures (max 200)

Supported control systems 

  • TC (all oven types + refrigeration)
  • CS (all oven types)
  • FP (nearly all oven types)


  • PC or Mac with JAVA.
MIWE  USB driver
More info

MIWE USB driver

Driver for Microsoft Windows to connect the MIWE FP control systems using USB cable

Supported control systems 

  • FP (nearly all oven types)


  • PC with Windows (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8)

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