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MIWE atmo-jet®

Saturated steam

When it comes to steam, the first few seconds are vital. Other than is customary, for the MIWE atmo-jet®, the water for the steam input is not merely sprayed into the steam device, it is first finely atomised with compressed air.

This fine water mist is distributed not only considerably more evenly over the entire surface of the steam device, it also evaporates considerably faster and entirely (i.e. without leaving behind any puddles). Saturated steam is available almost immediately Therefore, with MIWE atmo-jet®, the entire water volume is available almost immediately and particularly "pressurised" in the baking chamber as saturated steam. Studies show that MIWE atmo-jet® produces steam much faster than regular procedures, with approximately 2.5 times the pressure.

Less water = less energy Better steam automatically means better products, optimal bloom, and a better sheen. But it doesn't stop there. Because the water used is reliably and entirely vaporised, you will need less water and therefore also less energy with MIWE atmo-jet®

You will gain in terms of product quality. And save on energy consumption. Typically MIWE!

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The benefits of the MIWE atmo-jet®

  • Better products, optimal bloom, better sheen thanks to pressurised saturated steam
  • Reduced water consumption, no saturation
  • Reduced energy consumption

MIWE atmo-jet® in the impulse

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