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MIWE easy clean

Always stay clean. This is how easy hygiene can be when baking

It is precisely in-store ovens, which must face up to the customer's testing gaze, that should be in tip-top condition and cleaned regularly. Ultimately, such external appearances play a decisive role when it comes to making a purchasing decision in the bakery.

The best way is to leave the cleaning up to the semi-automatic MIWE easy clean program, which is available in many of our baking stations as standard. This program can be started regardless of whether the baking oven is warm or cold.

Guided cleaning process MIWE easy clean guides the user with acoustic signals and, for the MIWE TC control system, with information and work instructions safely through the entire cleaning process. All the user has to do is spray the cleaning agent into the baking chamber and remove any residues after cleaning. The baking station takes care of everything itself, in particular subsequent drying of the baking chamber. An entire sequence lasts – depending on the degree of contamination – around 50 minutes; during the drying phase, no staff need to be present.

The benefits of MIWE easy clean

  • Perfect hygiene for your baking station
  • Semi-automatic cleaning system
  • Small expense for users: spray cleaner, remove any cleaning residues. That's it.
  • Simple and unwavering thanks to clear user guidance

MIWE easy clean in the impulse

In the MIWE impulse, you can find more information on this topic.

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