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MIWE technologies

In all areas of baking, we have developed technologies with solid process expertise. Our technological centrepieces of baking are the climate control processes. We also master the perfect regulation of the interaction of temperature and moisture not only in terms of the baking process but also with proofing, chilling and freezing. We can therefore offer you complete system networks so that all components of the system work together optimally. However, our principle remains: the choice is yours. You and you alone decide which baking technology is best suited for you and your product: flue gas or thermal oil, wagon, deck or continuous oven, pure convection or even the special gastronomic function of an in-store oven. We would be happy to provide you with more information.

MIWE aircontrol

Ideal baking climate for the various pastries by precisely controlling the recirculated air.

MIWE atmo-jet®

Optimised steam technology with fine mist for better moistened surfaces and less water requirements.

MIWE atmospheric baking

Puts an end to weather and draft-related quality fluctuations.

MIWE Auto-start

Convenient in-store baking with intelligent ovens that can be automatically switched on using the auto-start function.

MIWE cleaning control

Energy-efficient, ecological and time-efficient optimised cleaning system for flexible hygiene processes.

MIWE delta-baking

Finer dosage of the burner power for individual and improved baking results.

MIWE easy clean

The most hygienic cleanliness with simple operation at the same time and semi-automatic cleaning system.

MIWE eco mode

For "baking breaks", save valuable energy, reduce costs and nevertheless ensure full baking readiness.

MIWE flexbake®

Clever automatic system that reliably and independently compensates for a wide range of quality-specific fluctuations.

MIWE frozen dough piece baking

Controlled thawing and immediate baking for the best sheen, consistent products and optimal bloom.

MIWE gastronomic functions

Gastronomical portfolio made easy thanks to easy to use steam cooking and combined functions.

MIWE go!

Intuitive user interface for maximised reliability and ease of use.

MIWE smartproof

Combination of the many benefits of sight-and-scent baking with precisely controlled long-process proofing.

MIWE variobake

The latest temperature control in the deck oven with modulating burner and touch controls.

MIWE CO2 Refrigeration

Discover MIWE's CO2 refrigeration technologies, which have been providing efficient and environmentally friendly cooling solutions for almost a decade.

MIWE hydrogen technology

Ready for the future of energy supply - with hydrogen-ready ovens from MIWE. Already designed for up to 30% mixing ratios

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