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MIWE auf der Modern Bakery 2021 in Moskau

That was the Modern Bakery 2022

After 4 exhibition days full of interesting discussions, Modern Bakery 2022 has come to an end. In times like these, when everything has fundamentally changed, it is nevertheless evident that trade fairs are an important source of inspiration and contact. If you did not have the opportunity to visit us at the Modern Bakery, please contact us or leave your contact details as well as your request, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Unsere Highlights im Überblick 

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MIWE has been supporting baking companies with expert advice as a strong partner for over 100 years. Experience the benefits of having MIWE at your side! From optimised processes in the bakery to complete bakery designs, our experts will advise you on how to tackle your challenges. No matter where you are today, with our engineering expertise and one-stop solutions, we guarantee sophisticated concepts – and that you will know how to work even more efficiently in the future.

The rack oven

For many bakers there's no question: If you are looking for a rack oven, it is best to go with MIWE. After all, it was MIWE that first made this streamlined type of oven well-known and established throughout Europe and beyond. The MIWE roll-in has been consistently improved and developed over decades, thus making it both the pinnacle of the technologically feasible and, at the same time, still probably the most economical rack oven in the world. It is for many simply the rack oven par excellence. Experience first-hand the myriad of advantages that make the MIWE roll-in so appealing. Like the exciting innovations of the 2021 model version, for example, which make it possible to bake a wider range of products in the MIWE roll-in, or the brand-new software features such as the MIWE variobake.

Bakers‘ Best Buddy

With the MIWE orbit, MIWE has presented a completely new rack oven that will also attract a lot of attention at this year's Modern Bakery. It is not only extremely easy to use, but it is also simple to install. That means it is ready to use in no time, with the smallest possible footprint and without sacrificing an inch of baking surface. The powerful steam generator ensures a perfect shine and the intelligent air flow makes for an even, golden brown. The MIWE orbit is also very economical: It offers shorter baking times, lower baking temperatures and uncomplicated service operations due to the fact that all technical components are easily accessible from the front. Curious? We can offer you a sneak peek right here and now. Watch the video of the MIWE orbit.

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Our all-rounder: the MIWE condo

As our perfect all-rounder, there is a reason why the electrically heated MIWE condo deck oven can be found in the world's best bakeries. After all, it delivers the same superior baking results as our large, artisanal deck ovens – but with a smaller footprint. Due to the optional built-in loader, complete oven decks can be loaded and unloaded easily and by just one person. But the MIWE condo is not only the perfect solution for anyone who values the artisanal flavour of goods baked directly on stone. It is also an excellent choice for the complete product range and is a masterpiece admired around the world in first-class bakeries and shops, patisseries, hotels, restaurants and in the catering industry.

Tempting freshness

Would you like to bake your products right in front of your customers? Or offer oven-fresh snacks? At our booth, we will gladly introduce you to different options, concepts and products. From the classic MIWE econo convection oven to our all-rounder, the MIWE condo. At Modern Bakery, we will be baking live at our stand. We are sure our Master Class will inspire you. We will also be happy to personally advise you on which solution is right for you.

The whole world of climatic processes

Refrigeration planning for bakeries requires customized solutions. We can offer you a range of different components for all temperature and humidity ranges required in your bakehouse or branch outlet.

We have mastered all temperature control feats, even during proofing. MIWE baking refrigeration allows complete process sequences to be conveniently defined, with reliable and predictable results for our customers, and full automation if required.

Impressions from past trade fairs

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