MIWE roll-in e+ 3.0

The rack oven

The economical heart of continuous production

For excellent bakers who value efficiency: A convection wagon oven in a class of its own with a rotating rack for dough pieces of all kinds. Heated with oil, gas or electricity. Impresses with exceptional baking properties and subtle control functions. At the same time, it is still probably the most economical rack oven in the world.

The economical heart of continuous production

For excellent bakers who value efficiency: A convection wagon oven in a class of its own with a rotating rack for dough pieces of all kinds. Heated with oil, gas or electricity. Impresses with exceptional baking properties and subtle control functions. At the same time, it is still probably the most economical rack oven in the world.

What makes the MIWE roll-in e+ 3.0 so unique

Exclusive to MIWE: Atmospheric baking

Put an end to weather-induced problems. Instead, achieve optimal evenness and better baking quality, whatever the weather. That is guaranteed by MIWE’s atmospheric baking. Winner of the Südback Trend Award 2016. Standard in the MIWE roll-in e+.

Core temperature sensor in the MIWE roll-in

Exclusive to MIWE: Core temperature sensor in rack ovens

Makes processes even more reliable and offers dependable hygiene documentation: The wireless core temperature sensor in the MIWE roll-in e+ (optional).

Simply better baking with optimal metering

The patented MIWE air-control controls the amount of air circulated in the baking chamber with ingenious simplicity and reliability. As a result, the heat transfer can be minutely controlled, the baking result fine-tuned – and perfect crispness can be achieved at baking temperatures 15 °C lower.

Ergonomics in its purest form

No matter where you look: The MIWE roll-in e+ impresses with great ergonomic details: The big display makes operation easy, the remote display with modern LED technology (also on the optional exhaust hood) shows you the current oven status from a distance, you only have to lean the optional soft-close automatic door against the frame – it closes automatically from there without manual locking. It is just as easy to open.

Hygienically flawless

Smooth surfaces (even on the inside of the door) are a good start for perfect oven hygiene. Not only hygienic, but also robust: the single-piece floor covering. No dirt can gather there any more. It is also completely splash-proof outside.

Solid: The heat storage wall

Compared with the previous model, we increased the mass of the MIWE roll-in e+ heat storage wall by a further 67%. That minimises peak loads and reduces the connected load. And also ensures rapid, efficient batch-after-batch baking.

Tailored for energy efficiency

Everything about MIWE roll-in e+ is optimised for maximum energy yield. The patented heating gas routing with an additional flue gas duct, which also heats steam, is what makes this rack oven inherently the most energy-efficient. Atmospheric baking with a reduced supply of fresh air and the integrated heat storage wall lead to additional savings.

What our customers say

"The oven gets our freshness concept across excellently"
Atelier F
Hanburg, Germany
"Giving customers an understanding of artisanal baking"
Backhaus Hehl
Müschenbach, Germany
"Technology is to help us make the hard work easier without reducing quality"
Badische Backstub´
Ettlingen, Germany
"The MIWE roll-in e+ combines optimal baking results with efficient energy consumption. A worthwhile investment"
Bakery Bertschi
Kloten, Switzerland
“Giving students and teaching staff the best possible conditions in which to teach and learn"
Kitzingen Vocational School
Kitzingen, Germany
"To prepare for the future, you have to think about heat recovery"
Bakery Bolten
Duisburg, Germany
"Baking refrigeration systems make the job more efficient and prevent bottlenecks"
Bakery Burger
Großweikersdorf, Austria
"Low energy consumption is important, but the baking results are even more important"
Bakery Burkard
Pommersfelden, Germany
"Fresh white bread from Wenz 1919 is the best advertisement for us"
Bakery Dreher
Gengenbach, Germany
"If you can operate a smartphone, you can operate the oven"
Bakery Engel
Höxter, Germany
"We recover more energy than was calculated"
Bakery Evertzberg
Remscheid, Germany
"MIWE thermo-static: rolling loading and a whole new world of baking quality"
Bakery Franzes
Meschede Berge, Germany
"But the new rack oven from Arnstein came out as our top choice"
Bakery Gebert
Gnodstadt, Germany
"The baking quality is just right. At the same time, looks are important too"
Backhaus Grobe
Dortmund, Germany
"MIWE variobake offers the best baking atmosphere for each product"
Bakery Grünhoff
Norden-Norddeich, Germany
"This is a new dimension of baking for us"
The Mandala Hotel – Restaurant Facil
Berlin, Germany
"Flexible baking with highest quality"
Hotel Süllberg
Hamburg, Germany
"The difference is clear"
Iimori – pastry shop, café and restaurant
Frankfurt, Germany
"In the long term this saves us energy while achieving top quality of baked goods"
Bakery Jägers
Borken, Germany
„We were won over by both the concept and the excellent workmanship"
Kaisers Gute Backstube
Ehrenkirchen, Germany
"Many reasons to choose MIWE"
Backhaus Kutzer
Konnersreuth, Germany
"We wanted to build for the future"
Bakery Matthäus
Marktsteft, Germany
"In total, we are saving lots of energy and money"
Maxl Bäck
Zellingen, Germany
"MIWE remote is a new dimension"
Bakery Miedl
Bad Endorf, Germany
"1/6 less energy consumption than with other ovens"
Baker Müller
Ernsthausen, Germany
"The little details are what make MIWE gusto snack a success factor in stores"
Bakery Münzel
Sonthofen, Germany
"The baking result is so much better than in other ovens"
Bakery-Confectionery Ohl
Bruchköbel, Germany
"We are saving energy and protecting the climate"
Bakery Plücker
Waldeck, Germany
"An advantage over keys and rotary regulators"
Bakery Plücker
Waldeck, Germany
"Ideal for flexible baking"
Bakery Plücker
Waldeck, Germany
"The investment paid off"
ROY - Kiosk Beck & Take Away
Winterthur, Switzerland
"Better sheen, even baking results and it also saves energy"
Wümme-Bäckerei Sammann
Fischerhude, Germany
"We are saving energy and improving the quality with the long-process proofing method"
Schäfers Backstuben GmbH
Biedenkopf, Germany
"We now have everything from a single source, and just one contact"
Bakery Schmitz & Nittenwilm
Cologne, Germany
"Just one press of a button and the baking starts automatically"
Bakery Schoder
Seßlach, Germany
"The oven’s control system selects the best deck"
Schürener Backparadies
Dortmund , Germany
"Significantly lower energy consumption"
Confiserie Sprüngli
Zurich, Switzerland
"Sophisticated technology and comprehensive monitoring"
Bakery Staib
Ulm, Germany
"Even unskilled assistants can operate the oven after a few quick instructions"
Bakery Thonke
Rathenow, Germany
"Baking like in olden times does not mean ignoring modern technology"
Bakery Treiber
Steinenbronn, Germany
"Remote makes things a lot easier for us"
Bakery Treiber
Steinenbronn, Germany
"MIWE was the only provider to offer an integrated system with CO2 as the refrigerant"
Bakery Weller
Dreieich, Germany
"Focusing on freshness"
Bakery Wellmann
Osnabrück, Germany
"Expertise and the value for money convinced us"
Bakery Winkler
Litzendorf , Germany
"Controlling the GVA more precisely than ever"
Bakery Treiber
Steinenbronn, Germany

Everything you need to know

The e+ seal of quality. Only given to the best.
Technical information
  • At MIWE, we are committed to using energy efficiently and making a lasting contribution to sustainable energy conservation. This commitment applies above all to the systems and processes we develop for our customers. MIWE systems that fulfil this principle in a very special way - and only these systems - are given our e+. seal of quality.
  • Exhaust hood
  • Steam condenser
  • Rack trolley

Rack trolley


Baking tray size

60 x 60, 53 x 65, 60 x 80, 60 x 100, 67 x 108 cm, 18 x 26"

Baking area in m²

9.6 to 15.2

Rotating plate


Outside width in cm


Outside depth in cm


Outside height in cm

256 - 272

Minimum ceiling height in cm

285 - 301

Type of energy transmission


Heating type

Oil / gas / electricity

Control system

Fixed programme control MIWE FPTouch Control MIWE TC

Connected load in kW

60 – 75

Special features

Air volume control MIWE aircontrol (patented), flexbake (partial load), atmospheric baking (optional), frozen piece control, CAB

Product information
MIWE impulse

Other rack/wagon ovens

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