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MIWE remote

Convenience and reliability: Intelligent service at any time.

Connection to the MIWE remote platform is SSL encrypted. Communication itself is protected by the closed architecture of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and a special firewall, which makes sure that even clever spies have no way to read the data sent. To protect your network, we use outgoing connections only. MIWE remote increases your operational reliability, optimises processes and reduces the risk of total failures. Preventive maintenance minimises service deployments and repair times. This saves time and reduces your service and downtime costs. And if a fault does occur, our MIWE experts know what to do. Escalation management prevents consequential damage to your systems. Our specialists are always online and can analyse the fault and troubleshoot your issue. Thanks to the precise analysis, our service technicians always have the right spare parts required for the repair. MIWE remote not only has advantages in terms of monitoring and maintenance: it gives you permanent and immediate access to all current and historical data, allowing you to make an informed decision when modernising the system or making new investments. MIWE remote is certainly secure. All data is saved and processed exclusively in accordance with the German legal standard. Access to systems and data, transfers and storage are implemented according to the latest standards and strictest safety precautions. Better safe than sorry. You take care of your business, we do the rest.

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