Better baked goods. Better business.

Our world is baked goods, and the bakers of the world are our customers. We can help you to be more successful in your market – with the best products possible, reliable consulting, winning concepts, sophisticated technology and excellent service. Day for day, we come a good step closer to our vision: to be the first choice in the world of baking.

MIWE sbs:shop baking suite

The MIWE shop baking suite is a modular software package. It offers useful and targeted tools for a large number of users, from master bakers, branch managers and regional managers all the way to the decision makers at the top. Our goal: higher efficiency and greater transparency for our customers, providing them with a decisive advantage over the competition.

Our service

You are at the heart of what we do, especially when it comes to service. You can put together your fully individualized service package entirely according to your needs from a whole catalogue of customized services – from maintenance and repair to full service and remote monitoring. Our experienced professionals listen precisely to your requirements and put them into action with efficient technology and services.

 Core competencies

All baking processes that ensure optimal baking results through the intelligent control of temperature, moisture and time are part of our core competencies. We are specialists for proofing, cooling, freezing and baking, as well as for seamlessly bringing together all these process steps (and gladly any others you may have). A further area of expertise of our company is making the most of the energy used to power your systems – this is something we have focused on for many years. Last but not least, we are the leaders when it comes to the networking of bakery systems and the digital services based on this.

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