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"The Great Bake Off – The Pros" to kick off on SAT 1

"The Great Bake Off – The Pros" (in German: "Das große Backen – Die Profis") is a TV show in which master confectioners and patissiers compete against and outdo each other with their works of art. Also appearing in the show are MIWE convection ovens, which simply cannot be absent from any professional studio bakery.

It will certainly not be an easy task for the jury to pick the winner from among the participants. Ultimately, the teams all have the same high-performance tools at their command in addition to years of experience. In 2019, six professional teams will compete against each other in Germany's "toughest baking competition" – according to the ad by SAT 1 – not only to win a Golden Cupcake and prize money of 10,000 euros, but also to earn the esteem of the television audience.

Because if you want to prevail against the strong competition, you have to master your trade. Already in the first episode, the results were nothing short of magic. Always faithfully and reliably at their side: the MIWE aero. There's a reason why it's our top recommendation for bakers and confectioners with premium quality standards.

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