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24-hour non-stop trade fair: the first international online trade fair a complete success

With visitors from 74 countries, we successfully completed our first international MIWE online exhibition in 24 hours at the start of February. Visitors had the opportunity to discover products from the entire MIWE portfolio at 27 virtual exhibition stands. From in-store ovens and snack concepts to production ovens and bakery refrigeration, guests were able to experience our products through text, image and video and even explore 3D models that could be rotated and viewed from all sides. Each trade show visitor attended an average of 1.3 of the 24 webinars covering 6 different topics. We are overwhelmed by the consistently positive responses and would like to thank all of our partners who supported us and assisted our customers in the live chat. The biggest thanks, of course, goes to our visitors – as our trade fair was specifically designed with them in mind and to interact with them. For those of you who missed out on the event, you still have time to stroll through our virtual showroom.

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