MIWE Sustainability

We are making the world greener

Have you ever asked yourself what you have actively done to help protect the environment? What CO2 values have you achieved and how much electricity have you saved? Our products have been fine-tuned for greater energy efficiency for more than 10 years. And it has been an enormous success. In addition to our responsibility, we also consider you: We advise you on the best approaches to optimising energy in your bakehouse, helping you save a great deal of energy with very little effort - not to mention the high quality baked goods you have come to expect.

Impressive energy savings

We always keep our sustainability goals in mind. To this end, we've added up the energy savings for all the products we have sold since 2008 as compared to the earlier models, which were already fine-tuned for added efficiency. We then added the values of all the energy recovery systems installed in your system plus the savings from MIWE itself. All of these values together are calculated into our CO2 or electricity meter.

See for yourself. The numbers really surprised us.

CO2 savings
We are making the world greener
Total CO2 savings in tons since March 2008
Total energy savings
We are making the world greener
Total energy savings in megawatt hours since March 2008

Avoid waste – just recover!

What is the philosophy behind these actions? MIWE has imposed on itself a duty to use energy efficiently and to make a contribution to sustainability and energy savings. 1800 m2 of installed photovoltaics with an output of 128 kWp is just one of many small steps we have taken towards reducing our own CO2 footprint.

At both of our facilities in Arnstein and Meiningen various other measures have also been taken (e.g. the installation of an energy monitoring system to identify "electricity hogs"), in order to achieve the goal we set for ourselves of 5% energy savings annually. With these results, we will be receiving certification according to DIN ISO 50001 (energy management systems) in the course of 2014, a process which is being guided by two energy management officers employed by MIWE.

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