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MIWE core competencies

We have developed clear core competencies that all focus on one goal: making baking easier for our customers. That means we can provide you with not only an oven or a baking system, but that you benefit from our comprehensive baking solutions that work together seamlessly. We take your entire business into account.

MIWE energy

Our MIWE energy consulting concept is the path toward energy optimisation for your bakery – and the key to significantly reducing energy costs. Energy-saving production technology, energy recovery, new forms of energy use and alternative energies are all brought together in one solution concept for you – helping you save money.

MIWE smart engineering

MIWE smart engineering guarantees carefully considered concepts and solutions right through to complete bakery designs from one single source. We are able to coordinate our system flexibly and fulfil individual customer requirements. The MIWE team uses intelligent engineering methods to create the best possible production lines - helping you know how to work more efficiently in the future.

MIWE connectivity

MIWE connectivity will allow you to know exactly what is happening when, where and why in your system, allowing you to gain invaluable information for (automatic) process optimisation. This means that you will be better prepared for present and future challenges that emerge in your market. In short: Gain control and a lasting competitive advantage.

MIWE service

When it comes to the operational safety of your systems, you are always in the right place with MIWE service. Choose from an extensive portfolio of services, right down to our hot line, which is available around the clock, 365 days a year. Allowing you more time for what is most important to you.

MIWE Hygienic Design

Hygienic processes are top priority in baking. That is why we design our products to be easier to clean and to stay clean longer, for example by eliminating unnecessary seams and edging. The principle of hygienic design is also an important influence in the design of complete bakery systems. We always actively consider the cleaning processes - helping your work stay hygienically clean.

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