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MIWE upgrade

Modernisation: Preparing high-performance systems for the future

Tuning for your baking oven - for MIWE baking ovens, upgrading control systems and electronics is not usually a problem.

  • Inventory taking and extensive cost-benefit consulting
  • Unit modernization at your desired level
  • Exclusive use of MIWE original parts
  • New start-up of the unit

The world of baking is dynamic! If a system has been used intensively for many years or even decades, it may be the case that it will no longer comply with the latest technology. If you decide you want to continue working with the older but reliable system, an overhaul can be an attractive alternative to investing in a new system: an all-round overhaul by MIWE service. After all, we firmly agree with the view of many of our customers that systems that work satisfactorily do not have to be replaced, just because technological advances have been made. This is why we offer the modernisation of your MIWE system in several stages that build on each other – on the basis of a comprehensive and fair cost-benefit consulting, of course. This allows you to bring your equipment quickly and cost-effectively up to date with the latest technology and expand its service life. For good measure, we will even put the modernised system into operation for you – and give you the complete MIWE warranty on all work carried out and components used. Level 1: Control Level 2: Control and Electrical installation Level 3: Control, electrical installation and all electro-mechanical components

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