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A look behind the scenes at Hudson Bread in New Jersey

A new user report in video format offers insights into the working methods and philosophy of an exciting bakery in the USA, which has relied on MIWE for many years. The bakery in the spotlight: Hudson Bread from New Jersey. Here, old European traditions of bakery production are combined with the latest technologies to produce genuine hand-crafted, artisan bread on a large scale.

Hudson Bread was founded in 1994 on the banks of the Hudson River in Jersey City. Today, the bakery is located in North Bergen, New Jersey, from where it supplies many of New York City's most famous restaurants, hotels, markets and catering companies. The complete refrigeration technology (including shock froster coil) and the complete baking oven technology are supplied by MIWE. More than 100 employees process around 50,000 kg of dough a day and produce around 150 different products on 60,000 m² of floor space – and an expansion of the production area is already in the works. To achieve the quality demanded, Hudson Bread relies on quality Made in Germany. Whether with or without loading assistance, thermal oil or flue gas, deck or trolley oven: baking is only done here with MIWE equipment. The company has three MIWE ideal deck ovens and two thermal-oil-heated MIWE thermo-express deck ovens in use (both systems are automatically loaded using the MIWE athlet loading system with pick-up for scooping up the dough pieces from trays). Mass-produced goods and other speciality items are baked in the four thermal-oil-heated MIWE thermo-static trolley ovens (with three trolleys each). In terms of the refrigeration technology used, both the proofing retarders (MIWE GV) and proofing interrupters (MIWE GUV) for long-process-proofed breads come from Germany, as do the cooling and froster coils.

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