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Seminar attendees conjure up seasonal barbecue highlights

As the days get longer, the smell of barbecues wafts its way through Germany's residential areas. So that means it's time for bakers to adapt their assortment to the season. At the event "Barbecue highlights of the season", we baked twelve products perfectly suited for the barbecue season together with IREKS at the MIWE live baking center.

For a whole day at the MIWE live baking center, everything revolved around Germany's favourite summertime activity: barbecuing. The full title of the event "Barbecue highlights of the season using different oven systems" already reveals that it was not only about imaginative baking creations for evenings by the barbecue, but also about the question of which baked goods can score points with which special characteristics in which oven system. The event, which was held in cooperation with IREKS, certainly whetted folks' appetite for the summer ahead!

Among the twelve baked products for the barbecue season, there were burger buns and bagels from the rack oven (conditioned in the MIWE VC). Naturally, the lunchtime catering also fitted the theme with pulled pork from the MIWE gusto:snack – simply delicious!

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