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MIWE A Portrait

Our goal is clear: we actively help you succeed. The first thing we do is listen, and in every phase of our activities, we focus on your business, products, processes, procedures, preferences and requirements. In short: we think about things that affect your everyday life. This helps us to create added value and offer you products that actually bring you further and better equip you to gain a competitive edge. And the same goes for our service: Quick and comprehensive, we are right where you need us. Put together your own service package for maintenance and repair, even including remote monitoring with MIWE remote. It just doesn't get any faster than that.

At home in Franconia, at home all over the world. We are rooted in the heart of a vibrant baking culture, whose rich diversity continually feeds our baking expertise. Here we create and manufacture products that are "Made in Germany", and are known beyond the borders of Germany and Europe for their quality and state-of-the-art technologies. With our additional eight foreign subsidiaries and dealer and service network spanning all across the globe, we have a presence in every corner of the earth. That means we are always close by. Sabine Michaela Wenz

One company - two business areas

We have organised our operative business into two areas under the joint MIWE brand umbrella. That allows us to optimise our response to individual issues and requirements for very different customer groups. The two business areas are linked by one common core competence: The superior mastery and seamless coordination of all climate controlled baking processes.

Shop Baking Equipment

We are committed to in-store baking and all the processes and procedures that go along with it.

Bakery Systems

We assist production bakeries of all shapes and sizes, from artisanal bakehouses to the "shop floors" of (semi-)industrial bakery productions.

MIWE Quality

Quality is everything, it is what helps you create a strong presence in your market. For us that means: We rely on the highest quality in terms of materials, production, processing, design and handling, from development to the last inspection before delivery of your new MIWE product. And that is what we are committed to - assisting you with our MIWE services in all your everyday baking needs. That's reason enough to say: For us, everything revolves around you.

MIWE in numbers

  • 700 employees
  • Family run for three generations
  • Two production facilities in Germany 
  • Eight foreign subsidiaries and a dealer and service network spanning the globe

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