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After 4 exhibition days with many interesting conversations the NRA 2023 has come to an end. If you did not have the opportunity to visit us at the NRA, please feel free to contact us or leave your contact details and your request. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

These were the highlights of the National Restaurant Association Show 2023

Visit us for a consultation!

MIWE has been supporting baking companies with expert advice as a strong partner for more than 100 years. Experience the benefits of having MIWE at your side! From smart technology to optimised processes, our experts will advise you individually based on your challenge. No matter where you are today, with our engineering expertise and one-stop solutions, we guarantee sophisticated concepts - and that you will know how to work even more efficiently in the future.

Tempting freshness

Would you like to bake your products right in front of your customers? Or offer oven-fresh snacks? At our booth, we will gladly introduce you to different possibilities, concepts and products. From the classic MIWE econo convection oven to the electrically heated deck oven MIWE condo the all-rounder for artisan products like genuine “stone-oven bread” and premium baking results across the entire product range. We will also be happy to advise you personally on which solution is the right one for you.

Our all-rounder: the MIWE condo

As our perfect all-rounder, there's a reason why the electrically heated MIWE condo deck oven can be found in the world's best bakeries. After all, it delivers the same superior baking results as our large, artisanal deck ovens – but with a smaller footprint.

Due to the optional built-in loader, complete oven decks can be loaded and unloaded easily and by just one person. But the MIWE condo is not only the perfect solution for anyone who values the artisanal flavour of goods baked directly on stone. It's also an excellent choice for the complete product range and is a masterpiece admired around the world in first-class bakeries and shops, patisseries, hotels, restaurants and in the catering industry.

Snack Attack

Would you like to offer oven-fresh snacks or expand your product range? At the booth, we will introduce you to various possibilities and concepts. We will gladly advise you personally as to which solution is the right one for you and provide you with the right equipment, like our MIWE gusto, which delivers excellent baking results on the smallest of spaces.

But it can do so much more: like steaming, baking, reheating or - with QuickServe technology - make an oven-fresh hot snack magically appear in front of your customers in no more than three minutes. A universal tool that bakes perfectly and even helps your snack business create faster service and delicious variety. And still quite happily content with just a conventional electrical outlet.

Meet the experts

We are happy to take the time to give you detailed advice at National Restaurant Association Show 2023 – but at trade fairs you inevitably only get the chance to know a small part of our product portfolio.

That's why we created the MIWE live baking centre, a fully-equipped demonstration bakery at our headquarters in Arnstein, Germany, where you can experience and test MIWE technology like nowhere else. Find out at our trade fair booth which possibilities a visit to the MIWE live baking centre offers. Our team is well prepared to respond to your individual needs and plan and organise your visit together with you.

We look forward to seeing you!

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