Modular steam condenser for all MIWE baking stations

No room for an extractor hood in the shop? Is installation complicated because of the on-site conditions, making it too expensive? The MIWE SK-M steam condenser is the solution for bakeries that have to manage without a chimney. The MIWE SK-M is space-saving - it is the same size as the regular an steam hood above the baking station. The remaining steam is collected in the condenser as a liquid. All it then needs is a connection to drain the condensate.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Increased efficiency due to more efficient heat exchangers for reliable, speedy steam extraction and comfortable ambient air conditions in your shop.
  • Modular principle: The individual modules can be easily removed and cleaned by MIWE Service. This improves hygiene, increases service life and ensures consistently high performance during operation.
  • The modules can be replaced individually and can be used in all MIWE baking stations.
  • Faster installation and easier commissioning.
  • Lower weight, more flexibility.

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