Michael Wenz GmbH
Bakers immediately feel at home on our homepage. Perhaps it all began years ago when you purchased your first MIWE oven. Perhaps you feel at home because you know we understand just how important a role technology plays in the bakery industry. And, most certainly, because you know that our main purpose is to simplify the baker's job.

MIWE atmo-jet: a new feature of the MIWE thermo-static

Our thermal oil wagon oven with new steam technology for optimum baking results.

MIWE econo

Ideal for all half-baked products as well as for Danish-style pastry, croissants, and similar pastries.

MIWE roll-in e+

The energy-optimised rack oven. The dream of every baker. And penny pincher. Now also for two rack trolleys.

MIWE condo

The MIWE condo boasts of having all the functionality and ability of its bigger brothers and sisters in the MIWE baking oven product line.